About us

Warwickshire Hearts is a charity set up originally (as Warwick District Community First Responders) to provide emergency response in support of West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) to 999 calls in the Warwick District Council area. Since that time we have widened  our remit to include a bigger geographical area and also to include the delivery of CPR and defibrillator (AED) training in the community.

Responders are despatched to life threatening emergencies by WMAS 999 Emergency Operations Centre either by radio or phone when we can reach the scene more quickly than a service ambulance.  After giving immediate care we also often remain on scene to support the crews when an ambulance arrives.  We attend all sorts of emergencies, ranging from sudden cardiac arrests to babies with breathing difficulties.

All our Responders are trained  and accredited by WMAS to Level 3 (RQF) level,  however, several hold higher level qualifications as a result of their day jobs. When responding volunteers carry a comprehensive range of diagnostic equipment and equipment to give immediate aid such as a defibrillator (AED), trauma equipment such as tourniquets, oxygen and various airway adjuncts and delivery systems.

Not all of our members are Responders.  Some support us in fundraising and the organisation of events.  Others support us when we provide event First  Aid or assist us when we deliver CPR /AED training in the community. We also work very closely with another local charity Evelyn’s Gift which also has the charitable objective of delivering resuscitation training to the community. Our volunteers include two hospital Doctors, A GP,  a Pharmacist, a Barrister, an automotive design engineer and a retired academic and FE College principal, the Chief Executive of a local GP Federation and a GP Practice Manager.

As we are a Charity and receive no funding from West Midlands Ambulance Service to support the initial equipment of each Responder or the response vehicle we operate so we do need to fundraise to stay in business. On of our main fundraising tools is the delivery of First Aid at events for which we hold full insurance and can access a wide range of skill levels from Paramedic to First Aider. We also have a Registered Pharmacist on our team.